CANEUS Moments

2. Achievements
The CANEUS workshop was a significant first step towards the creation of an international community of MNT developers for Aerospace applications. It has been long recognized that MNT promises what Aerospace applications need most: Low mass, size and power without loss of capability. However, Aerospace applications have not yet had the recognition they deserve from within the larger MNT community, in large part because of the perceived, relatively small market size. Therefore, hand-in-hand with the creation of an Aerospace MNT community, a second major goal is the development of a coordinated strategy for international investment in MNT development for Aerospace applications. Canada had the pivotal role, which it performed with tremendous skill, of bringing together researchers and practitioners from MNT and Aerospace organizations from across the world. The areas covered in the workshop were space, defense, aeronautics, geophysics and environmental control

Spanning a period of five days from August 25-30, 2002, the workshop covered 27 sessions with approximately 100 invited speakers from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the USA. In addition to these presentations, we were fortunate to hear from two Nobel Laureates, Prof. Richard Smalley and Prof. John C. Polanyi. With representation from over 200 of the world's leading
authorities in aerospace and industrial R&D, as well as in the MNT research and investment sectors, the workshop provided a truly unique opportunity for technology exchanges and networking amongst participants and attendees representing a wide cross-section of industry, universities and government agencies. A series of outings, industrial tours and networking opportunities rounded out the event.

Last update - Dec. 23, 2002