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Attended by over 120 delegates, primarily from Canada but also from the USA and Europe, the Workshop succeeded in establishing a high level of interest in microsystems technologies and developments across the Canadian aerospace community associated with this field. The interest generated by the excellent presentations, encompassing the design, fabrication and application of MEMS technology for aerospace structures, has resulted in fruitful discussions during and toward the end of the event.

Presentations by Bill Tang (DARPA, USA), Dan Gale (CMC), Wanping Zheng (Canadian Space Agency), Iaon Sabau (Pratt & Whitney Canada), Thomas George (JPL-NASA), Sebastian Dominguez (MEMScap), Muthukumaran Packirisamy (OPTENIA), Mike Denhoff (NRC, Canada), Ken Westra (University of Alberta) and Brian Moore (Bigbandwidth) all helped make this workshop a highly interactive and successful event.

Highlights of the discussions included Hany Moustafa's (Pratt & Whitney Canada) views on the potential for the aerospace industry's involvement in the development of MEMS technology for aerospace applications, as well as Ayman El-Fatatry's (BAE SYSTEMS, UK) perspectives on the potential opportunities available to Canada within NEXUS.

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