CANEUS Moments

Canada, and in particular the CLS3 (Centre for Large Space Structures and Systems) in Montreal, together with several organizations from Canada (Canadian Space Agency, National Research Council of Canada and Canadian NanoBusiness Alliance, ), Europe (NEXUS-EU and others), US (NASA, DARPA and others) and Japan (ISAS and NASDA), hosted and organized a historic and very successful CANEUS workshop.

The CANEUS workshop was a significant first step towards the creation of an international community of MNT developers for Aerospace applications. It has been long recognized that MNT promises what Aerospace applications need most: Low mass, size and power without loss of capability. However, Aerospace applications have not yet had the recognition they deserve from within the larger MNT community, in large part because of the perceived, relatively small market size.

A. Executive Summary (pdf file)
Prepared by Thomas George ( JPL-NASA-USA), Jan Suski (Coordinator of Aerospace and Geophysics USC-NEXUS-EU) and Milind Pimprikar (CLS3-Canada)

B. Sessions (Abstracts of Presentations)

Please note that this above completed document "CANEUS MOMENTS" will be distributed worldwide through DARPA publication channels. Additionally, the official documnent will submitted to the European Commission and respective Government agencies from Canada, Europe, US and Japan to follow up with the recommended Future Policy Actions. We hope to accomplish these actions by next CANEUS 2004!

As agreed prior to CANEUS, the final proceeding of the workshop will be published as series of books by Springer Verlag. Whereas, the length of the paper may vary, the papers will be reviewed for technical contents. Additionally to make this publication resourceful and valuable to the scientific and engineering community at large, we have requested contribution form some top expert who could not present at the CANEUS workshop.

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